The Purrfect Street View For Cats

You might be familiar with Google Street View, which allows you to go online and view streets roads as if you were actually there driving along them. But did you know that Japan has a purrrfectly similar website? Only it’s designed to show the world from a cat’s point of view.

(Photo Credit: Hiroshima Tourism Board)

The Street View mapping app was created by Hiroshima’s tourism board, and it’s currently available for the city of Onimochi. You can use the app to see the city through a cat’s eyes. In an article published by The Wall Street Journal, an official with Hiroshima’s tourism board said: “We were seeking to introduce a different way to look at our cities and offer a view of the streets that wasn’t available before.”

The map includes all the interactive features you’ve come to expect like variable camera angles. It also features 11 pet cats with links to more information about them, and some unexpected “meows!” as you move the map around with a cursor shaped like a cat’s paw. You can view the map at this link.


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