Hartz Nodor Litter Spray Odor Eliminator

litter-box-sprayPet Product Review: Hartz Nodor Litter Spray Odor Eliminator

Thanks to my colleague for picking up a sample of Hartz Nodor litter spray at the recent Pet Expo in Orlando for me! I owe you one!

My first thought? Sounds too good to be true! A spray that actually eliminates odor emanating from the litter box? No way! Well, I’m here to tell you that it really does work. Per the instructions (which say you can spray on or around the litter), I sprayed some directly on one of Braveheart’s urine clumps, which are especially pungent, and like magic the odor vanished! No kidding! This product could greatly increase my productivity since the litter box is located right next to my workspace and I must occasionally flee the room gasping for air.

The Hartz website says that Nodor is safe for use around pets, non-toxic, non-allergenic and doesn’t clump the litter when sprayed directly on the odor’s source. Hartz is so confident in the effectiveness of Nodor that they offer consumers a money back guarantee if not completely satisfied. Wow! I hadn’t heard of Nodor before receiving the sample but now plan on keeping a bottle handy in my office at all times!

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