Pookie with Fresh Step cat litter
(Picture Credit: Maggie Clancy)

Want To Stop Litter Box Stink Before It Starts? Try Fresh Step® Cat Litter With Gain Original Scent

I live in a one-bedroom apartment with two Chihuahua mixes and my calico cat Pookie so if I don’t keep up with cleaning, including the litter box, my humble abode can get funky, and fast. My dogs also used to have a fun habit of digging into Pookie’s litter box when I was out of the apartment.

Fortunately, Fresh Step Cat Litter with Gain Original scent has helped me keep Pookie’s litter box stink-free, and, as an added bonus, the fresh scent helped deter my pups from doing any unwanted digging!

I’m glad Pookie and I got the chance to try out Fresh Step with Gain Original so we could highlight all the great features for other cat parents doing their litter shopping, especially those who want to keep their homes smelling great. Here’s what stood out to me!

A Dust-Free Formula Means No More Yucky Paw Prints

One of my favorite things about Fresh Step Cat Litter’s dust-free formula. With other brands, I would find little dusty paw prints throughout my home. Sometimes those footprints were on my table, as Pookie climbs wherever she pleases.

Needless to say, I didn’t want to be working or eating anywhere near there!

That changed with Fresh Step Cat Litter with Gain’s litter formula, which is 99.9 percent dust-free, meaning you won’t accidentally inhale a cloud of litter dust if you walk by as your cat is using it.

Once I started using Fresh Step, the dusty paw prints ceased.

Odor Control Puts An End To The Stinky Litter Box

Pookie with fresh step on cat tree
(Picture Credit: Maggie)

I can also rest assured knowing that if I accidentally forget to clean out the litter box one evening, Fresh Step’s Ammonia Block Technology will keep Pookie’s litter box fresh.

Fresh Step guarantees ten days of odor control, and some of their formulas are specifically designed with multiple-cat households in mind.

Of course, this awesome odor-preventing technology doesn’t excuse you from regularly cleaning your cat’s litter box, but does help keep your home fresh and clean.

Another cool thing about Fresh Step’s Cat Litter is how it releases the Gain Original scent. I worried that a scented litter would simply smell like a litter box with a strong scent over it. But that’s not what this litter does.

Fresh Step’s Gain fragrance is paw-activated. Every time your cat uses the litter box and covers their waste, they release the fresh scent of Gain Original while the litter absorbs liquids and traps odors. The litter clumps quickly, which makes for an easy clean up as well.

Even Dogs Won’t Sniff Out Smelly Litter Box Surprises

Fresh Step with Gain had an added bonus, at least for my pups. Both my dogs liked to dig around in Pookie’s litter box every now and then, sometimes even picking out a “treat” for themselves.

I know, it’s disgusting.

Thankfully, the fresh scent of Gain covers up whatever odor that they had found alluring with other litter formulas.

Cat Approved!

The best part about Fresh Step with Gain? Pookie likes it!

When I first got Pookie, I experimented with a few different litter brands, some of which she was obviously not a fan of. She would sometimes relieve herself just outside of the litter box, not wanting to soil her dainty paws in what she thought was gross litter.

Pookie has no qualms with Fresh Step, especially since it leaves her paws litter-free once she’s done!

Overall, Fresh Step Cat Litter with Gain has a lot to offer for cats, pet parents, and anyone living in a multi-pet home. Try it out and see if your cat likes it as much as Pookie did!

You can get Fresh Step Cat Litter with Gain Original Scent online here!

The 42-pound value size bag is exclusively available on Chewy until December 2020, so make sure to stock up!

Has your cat ever tried Fresh Step Cat Litter? Did it keep your home smelling great? Let us know in the comments below!


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