Product Review: MAX CAT Adult Roasted Chicken Flavor Cat Food by Nutro

Pet Product Review – MAX CAT Adult Roasted Chicken Flavor Cat Food by Nutro

Every so often I come across a brand of pet food that just says everything I want to hear on the label. These are super premium pet foods and a higher cost. With that, I tried MAX CAT Adult Roasted Chicken Flavor cat food made by Nutro.

Our test panelist Agnes the Calico had the honor. This product is perfect for Agnes because she is an indoor cat so she needs a very high protein diet for healthy weight maintenance. Also, Agnes has the most lovely calico coat, so keeping shiny and shed free is important to her Mommy Bryana. Well Agnes is a very finicky eater, so introducing a new kibble to her is always risk for rejection. Lucky for us, Agnes enjoyed the food and ate at a good and normal pace. Sometimes when cats eat too fast, its because the kibble is loaded with unhealthy fat.

The fact that Nutro does not use chemicals but naturally preserved with vitamin E is a good point for me. Also, the price is quite reasonable. has the entire selection of Nutro brands. The MAX CAT is only $23 for a 24lbs bag.

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