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10 Best Cat Mamas For Mother’s Day [VIDEOS]

Happy Mother’s Day to all the great moms out there! Mother’s Day in 2022 falls on May 8th, and it’s a great time to celebrate all different types of moms, including cats, of course!

Just like human mothers, mama cats serve a vital role in making sure their young grow up into the best versions of themselves. Mama cats are there from the very beginning, from nursing their kittens to teaching them how to play, stay safe, and develop their natural cat instincts.

In honor of this special day, here are ten videos of mama cats and their kittens that show just how important their relationships and bonds are.

1. Mom Hugs Sleeping Kitten

In this classic video, which has been seen by over fifty million cat lovers — yes, it’s that cute — this mom hugs her kitten while she’s sleeping. They’re resting peacefully and cuddling together, when all of a sudden, mom goes in for the big hug.

She squeezes her kitten tightly, bringing her baby into her body so they can be closer together while sleeping. It’s absolutely precious how much this mom loves her baby.

2. Mom Gives Her Kittens A Bath

All these kittens want to do is play, as kittens do, of course. But mom knows they need to have their baths.

These fluffy kittens keep playing and exploring with each other, and they even try to get mom in on the fun. Mom knows she has to be the responsible one among the group, and even though her kittens would rather play, she licks them clean. That’s mom’s job, after all.

3. Mom Rescues Kitten From Dog

Pucci the Chihuahua is a bit excited about his new kitten friend, but Bell is not having any of it. Even though she’s just a tiny kitten, Bell knows how to fend off this pooch. She hisses and fluffs her body up to protect herself, sending Pucci — who is twice her size — running off frightened.

Small kittens pack a big punch; that’s for sure. Thankfully before more trouble starts, her mom comes to the rescue, taking her back up the stairs to the rest of her siblings.

4. Calico Mom Nurses Kittens

Feeding is an essential part of any mom’s job. Without mom, these kittens wouldn’t get the nutrients necessary in order to grow up into proper cats.

This Calico cat mom is just doing her motherly duty. The kittens may be young, but they already know that mom is there for them, no matter what.

5. Cute Kitten Forces Mom To Play

Sometimes the only thing on this kitten’s mind is playtime. The little guy above keeps attacking his mom with kitten bites and little paw whacks. Mom seems unamused, even turning to the camera with a face that reads “Do you see what I have to put up with here?”

Mom keeps trying to clean her kitten, but alas, this kitten just wants to play! Most moms can relate to this situation.

6. Persian Mom Talks With Kittens

This Persian cat mom named Tiger is striking up some conversation with her little ones. Tiger has always loved talking to her kittens since they were born, but now that they’re about two weeks old, they’re finally able to communicate back.

The little noises cats use to talk to each other are extremely adorable, but it’s extra cute hearing how this mom addresses her babies.

7. Mom Gets The Bath This Time

Oh, how the tables have turned. Usually it’s mom giving her kittens the bath, but this time it’s a different story. This kitten decides to return the favor for once, licking his mom clean as she comfortably relaxes.

Mom does so much for her little ones, so it’s nice that this kitten would think of his mama. Even when she moves around, the kitten doesn’t give up! He’s determined to give his mom a bath.

8. Mom Sets Example For Copycat Kitten

This kitten is a copycat — literally. Every time mom does something, the kitten copies her exactly. Mom cleans her face, so the kitten cleans her face. Mom licks her paws, so the kitten licks her paws.

Copying mom is how kittens can learn the right techniques to clean themselves, along with the right way to behave, eat, and more. I guess you could say, then, that all cats are actually copycats.

9. Kitty Kisses From Mama

Mom is all cuddled up with her baby sleeping right on her head. Everything looks as peaceful and adorable as it could be, but at about forty seconds into the video, suddenly things start to get a whole lot cuter.

Mom gives her kitten a precious kiss, pawing at her with affection and love. Their kiss is definitely a screenshot moment.

10. Mom Carries Kitten To Safety

Curiosity has gotten the best of this kitten. He can’t help himself and has to explore. He ends up going down some pretty steep stairs that are even bigger than him, but mom is not having it.

She comes to the rescue, picking him up by the scruff of his neck and bringing him back to the safety of home. This cat is definitely going to be an explorer when he grows up.

Do you have any cute mama cat stories? Are you celebrating Mother’s Day with a kitty you love? Let us know and leave a comment below!


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