Disabled veteran crashes truck to save dog

The King George Animal Rescue League (KGARL) in Virginia is searching for homes for more than 90 animals after their owner was hospitalized last week.

Disabled Vietnam veteran and animal lover Kenny Garner was hospitalized after the truck he was driving overturned and hit a tree. Garner lost control of the vehicle after he suddenly swerved to avoid hitting a dog. An emergency crew had to remove Garner and his wife from the wreckage.

Garner’s residence had been the neighborhood go-to place where unwanted animals were left, as the veteran always took the animals in and made sure they were fed. Garner is able to care for the animals despite his own failing health: he had diabetes, cancer, nerve damage, and was exposed to Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam.

KGARL originally estimated that 45 cats were living on Garner’s property; however, the group estimates there are likely more than 90 animals total.

Garner’s auto accident occurred while he and his wife were delivering a cat to a new home in Warsaw, VA.


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