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Daily Dose Of Cute: Cat Cuddles On Top Of Dog Brother When Human Isn’t Home [VIDEO]

When our cats and dogs are best friends, it’s one of the most heartwarming things to behold. A Newsweek report of a new viral video offers us the very best dose of it.

This new viral video was originally spotted on Reddit, posted by user elphaba16.

Within the video, a ginger cat and a sleeping dog are lounging on opposite sides of the same couch. Then, the cat decides that she might like to make a pillow of her friend.

Raising up from her spot, the cat wanders over to the still sleeping pup and begins pawing at his back and rubbing against him. At first, it just seems like something any cat might do, but the dog’s reaction tells us that this is an ask on behalf of the cat.

It’s one that her pup answers when he wakes and adjusts his position to allow the kitty to snuggle in beside him. They then, adorably, return to their naps cuddled together.

See? Cats & Dogs Are Best Friends!

(Stock Picture Credit: FamVeld/Getty Images)

There’s nothing that the internet loves more than cute fur babies being besties.

Since the post went up, the video has received over 66,000 upvotes and has accumulated a ton of Reddit awards from fellow cat lovers and dog lovers.

One of these Reddit users, whose username is I_also_know_noting, wrote, “This encapsulates what I love about animals. When they love you, there is no shame about cuddling with you. They don’t care about personal space, they come right up and snuggle.”

It Turns Out, This Cat & Dog Have An Instagram!

According to Newsweek, this pair, discovered to be named Kelvin, the cat, and Joule, the dog, have their very own Instagram. They were both rescues, adopted by pet parent Brenna Eckert.

“The animal shelters had given each of them a temporary name before we adopted them,” Eckert said. “Kelvin’s shelter name was Socks, and Joule’s shelter name was Sandals. How ironic that Socks and Sandals make such a great pair!”

Eckert further explains that she discovered Kelvin and Joule’s habit of snuggling from in-house security camera footage. While she was at work, the two would get snuggling!

“I moved the camera to get a closer view of the couch and was amazed to see that they weren’t just sharing the couch, but they were snuggling up against each other,” she said.

Since that discovery, Eckert has kept a digital record of Kelvin and Joule’s affection for one another via Instagram. The account, unsurprisingly, has amassed over 78,000 followers.

Do you believe that cats and dogs can be best friends? Do your pets cuddle like Kelvin and Joule do? Let us know in the comments below.


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