Top 5 Super Bowl commercials starring dogs

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We heard that Skechers yanked Kim Kardashian as their spokesperson in favor of a dog. Talk about a no-brainer. It’s not about Kim being over-exposed, talentless, and unpopular since she violated the sanctity of marriage. It’s about the dog.

Is there anything that makes a product more appealing than having an adorable, funny and creative canine storyline attached to it? We didn’t think so.

In honor of Skechers’ smart, but obvious, decision, here are five of our favorite Super Bowl commercials that featured man’s best friend.

2011: “Pug Attack” (Doritos): One of the most popular commercials from 2011, Doritos illustrated what happens when you try to mess with a dog (hint: you lose).

2011: “Dog Sitter” (Budweiser): Cause their ain’t no party like a dog party.

2009: “Get a Dog” (Pedigree): This is our personal favorite. It finally settled the question you’d been struggling with: yes, a dog makes a better pet than a rhinoceros.

2007: “Spot Dog on Float” (Budweiser): As if dogs didn’t like muddy puddles enough, apparently they lead to glory…at least for this Dalmatian.

2000: “Dog Star” (Budweiser): Maybe it was a little unrealistic that a dog’s motivation for great acting would be missing the Budweiser truck, but at least the pup was where he belonged: in the spotlight.

2000: “Cat Herders” (EDS): One for the cat-lovers, and anyone who has used the popular analogy.

And don’t forget about some of the commercials slated to run during Sunday’s big game.


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