15 past Super Bowl commercials with dogs and cats

Super Bowl XLVIII is Sunday, but people are already calling Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” spot the best in show. Here are some past Super Bowl commercials that feature dogs and cats (with mixed results) that elicited varying reactions. How many of these have you seen?

The Bark Side (Volkswagen, 2012):

Dogs wearing various pieces of Star Wars costumes bark out “The Imperial March” from The Empire Strikes Back, somehow to promote Volkswagen.

Cat Herders (EDS, 2000):

It’s an expression that we’ve all used, but this commercial for EDS puts it into literal terms as we discover how difficult heading cats actually is.

Dalmatian (Budweiser, 2007):

An apparently stray dog just wants someone to care for him. Thanks to a convenient mud puddle and Budweiser parade, he gets his wish.

Dog Park (Doritos, 2012):

A couple of humans try to get a Basset Hound to perform tricks with the famed snack, but they attract unwanted attention.

Dog sitter (Budweiser, 2011):

Every vacationer’s nightmare, a dog sitter decides to throw a party while the home’s owners are away, and puts the animals to good use.

Fetch (Budweiser, 2009):

A Dalmatian shows his human how effectively he can play catch, but a horse wants to play, too, and takes the initiative.

Get a Dog Adoption Drive (Pedigree, 2009):

You won’t see a dog anywhere in this 30-second spot, but it makes a great case for adopting one with several hilarious “what-if” scenarios.

Here We Go (Budweiser, 2012):

A rescue dog brings a bottle of Bud Light each time his name is called. The spot obviously shills for Bud, but it also promotes adopting shelter dogs.

Man’s best friend (Doritos, 2012):

The neighborhood cat has gone missing, and a man thinks his dog is behind it. The pooch, however, knows how to bribe the human into silence.

Man’s Best Friend (Gatorade, 2008):

A black Labrador Retriever drinks, and drinks, and drinks in this 30-second spot for Gatorade that uses the “man’s best friend” motif.

Pug Attack (Doritos, 2011):

Do not taunt the Pug. A smug human teases a small dog with Doritos from behind a closed glass door. Think that will stop the pooch?

Rex the Dog (Budweiser, 2000):

A movie dog is having trouble crying on cue for a crucial scene…until the beleaguered director instructs the pooch to think back to his worst day.

Shock Collar (Doritos, 2010):

A cruel human who tries to get a dog’s anti-bark collar to activate gets a taste of his own medicine when the pooch puts the cruel device to good use.

Surprise Dinner (Ameriquest, 2006):

A man wants to cook a special diner for his significant other, but you know there’s trouble when the cat gets too close to the pasta sauce.

Suzuki Sled (Suzuki, 2012):

Rather than pull a sled, several Siberian Huskies travel in the comfort of a Suzuki Kizashi all-wheel drive vehicle (ending with a predictable punch line).


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