Red kitten standing and looking at the handle of a white door.
(Picture Credit: © nico piotto/Getty Images)

Fur Laughs: Keymaster Cat Easily Opens Human’s Booby Trapped Door [VIDEO]

Sure, some cats can open closed doors by jumping on the door handle. For the cat named Mulder in the video above, it’s no problem. But how about a closed door with a pool of water underneath the handle?

Well, Mulder isn’t phased by that booby trap either! The sneaky feline just hops right over the obstacle. There’s no stopping this kitty!

Water may seem like a great deterrent for cats, but as Mulder demonstrates, it doesn’t always go as planned. In fact, some breeds of cats, like Maine Coons and Abyssinians, love water! Here are a few more facts about cats and their weird relationship with H2O!

Strange Facts About Cats & Water

(Picture Credit: © nico piotto/Getty Images)

Check out some of our favorite facts about cats and water!

  • Cats can taste water. While water tastes pretty bland for us, cats actually have taste receptors for water. Dogs can taste water too!
  • Cats don’t feel as thirsty as dogs or humans. However, that means they may not feel the need to drink water when they’re dehydrated. Make sure your cat gets enough water. You may want to give them wet food if they don’t drink enough, just so they can get some extra hydration.
  • Cats can stay hydrated on seawater. While we humans would get dehydrated from drinking salty water, cats have very efficient kidneys that filter out the salt.
  • Most cats prefer to drink moving water. In the wild, cats evolved to recognize that still water is often stagnant and could make them sick. This is why many housecats prefer to drink from a water fountain.
  • Some cats don’t like to eat where they drink. Try putting your cat’s water bowl in a place away from their food bowl. This may encourage them to drink more water!

Is your cat an expert at opening doors like the kitty in the video? Do you think a tub of water would stop them? Let us know in the comments below!


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