Anonymous young women hands petting a senior common cat head while he is looking at the camera. Selective focus
Anonymous young women hands petting a senior common cat head while he is looking at the camera. Selective focus

Fur Laughs: These Cats Demand That You Pet Them Right Now [VIDEO]

Cats sure can be demanding little furballs, as you can see in the video above! These cats aren’t shy about requesting your love, affection and attention.

We cat parents are obligated to shower our kitties with love on demand. And as good, loyal servants to our feline overlords, we’re happy to give pets and scratches whenever our cats want them. Share this video with a cat lover who could use a laugh today!

Of course, there are plenty of ways to show your cat love, and you can even make sure your kitty gets the message! Here are a few tips for showing your cat love in a way they’ll understand.

Express Love To Your Cat In Ways They Understand

(Picture Credit: Ana Rocio Garcia Franco/Getty Images)

Does your cat know how much you adore them? They probably do, but here are some tips to make sure they feel the love.

  • Nose-to-tail rubs: When your cat rubs against you from nose to tail, they’re actually marking you with their scent and letting everyone know, “This is my human!” Show your cat that you’re happy to be owned by them with some full-body-length rubs.
  • Slow blinks and head bonks: Cats use head bunting to show affection even in the wild. It’s not just a scent marking thing; it’s a way of showing respect and trust. The same goes for slow blinking. If a cat is willing to slowly close their eyes in front of you, they really feel comfortable. Return these signs of affection from your cat, and they’ll definitely get the message.
  • Take a nap with your cat: A cat who loves and trusts you will be completely comfortable sleeping around you. Curl up with your cat and catch some z’s. Your feline will feel the love knowing that you both trust each other.
  • Try some training: Training will allow you to strengthen your bond and your understanding with your cat and will also allow you to reward your kitty for a job well done. Your rewards will help your cat see you as a provider, and they’ll know that they can count on you.
  • Learn your cat’s language:  Get to know how your cat communicates. There are plenty of body language and vocal indicators that will help you know what your cat wants and what they’re saying. If you see signs of stress, you’ll be able to help your kitty de-stress, and if you see signs of comfort, you can help your kitty keep the good vibes going.

Do you give your kitty pets on demand whenever they want? Do they ever get pushy like the cats in the video? Let us know in the comments below!


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