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Miscellaneous products for cats and humans:

Cats for Dummies

Come on now, you’re no dummy — your cat just makes you feel like one. But with this comprehensive handbook, you’ll be in the know on all matters feline faster than you can say Japanese Bobtail. From choosing a great pet to training tips to health information to litter box problem solving, Cats for Dummies is your one-stop resource. And yes, your cat probably could’ve told you that.

Cat Training in 10 Minutes

Author and pet trainer Miriam Fields-Babineau imparts her 22 years of experience in this book that helps you create a stronger bond with your feline. Learn how to teach your cat how to respond to basic audio commands and hand signals, walk on a leash, retrieve objects, climb a ladder, and more. Cat Training in 10 Minutes also features interviews and pointers from pet trainers in the entertainment industry, along with additional sources for more information on a variety of related topics.

Lazy Pet Kitty Window Perch

Lazy Pet’s Kitty Window Perch provides a fun, comfy place for kitty to bask in the sun while enjoying a view of the great outdoors or a bird’s eye view of her indoor kingdom. The sturdy platform includes a cozy foam padded bed with a removable Sherpa machine-washable cover and a feather teaser toy to keep her entertained. The perch requires no tools, installs in minutes, fits any windowsill, and comes with Velcro and suction cups. 12.5″ L X 24″ W X 9.5″ H

Petco Dental Health Kit for Cats

One of the most overlooked facets of pet care is dental hygiene, as gum disease is one of the biggest health hazards. Failure to take care of a cat’s teeth can shorten her life and result in a big teeth-cleaning vet bills. The Petco Dental Health Kit includes a finger brush, tooth brush, and chicken-flavored toothpaste so you can get your feline on her way to a clean, healthy mouth. Brushing a cat’s teeth can be a challenge, but the toothbrush is designed for a cat’s smaller mouth and isn’t as invasive as other brands.

Petlinks System Dream Curl Curvy Two-Surface Scratcher

This stylish cat scratcher is designed with functionality in mind. It not only provides a place for your cat to claw and scratch, it comes with a suspended toy made of catnip for mental and physical stimulation. Petlinks Systems realizes that your cat probably likes to scratch on a variety of different areas so this scratcher has two alluring surfaces. The Dream Curl comes in a variety of different colors, you are sure to find one to match your décor. Made with organic catnip and recycled materials.


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