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Daily Dose Of Cute: Sleepy Mama Cat Still Manages To Feed 8 Kittens At Once [VIDEO]

Mama cats are the best. They raise their kittens to be healthy and teach them how to be cats. All of that takes a lot of energy, so of course moms need to nap sometime, like the mama cat in the video above!

This kitty mom may be super sleepy, but she still positioned herself to keep feeding her eight babies, even if she drifts off to sleep. It might look a little silly, but it’s actually smart and sweet! Share the video with someone who needs a smile today.

Even though kittens are absolutely adorable, and we love mom cats, it’s important to have your female cat spayed. Not only does it help keep cats out of shelters, it also has plenty of benefits for your favorite feline, too! Here’s what you need to know about spaying.

The Facts About Spaying Your Cat

(Picture Credit: okan akdeniz/Getty Images)

Spaying is the removal of a female cat’s ovaries and uterus. This will prevent her from getting pregnant.

Preventing feline pregnancy helps keep the pet population under control. When too many kittens end up in shelters, they become overcrowded and can’t handle all the animals that need help.

But spaying also has benefits for your current female cat, too. Here are just a few:

  • She’s less likely to develop mammary gland tumors, which are most often cancerous. In fact, 90 percent of cats who develop mammary cancer die from the disease. You can most easily prevent mammary tumor cancer by spaying your cat before her first heat, which usually occurs around six months of age.
  • The possibility of developing pyometra, a serious infection that develops in the uterus, completely disappears.
  • The chance your cat might develop malignant tumors of the ovaries and uterus also disappears.
  • Besides doing away with the likelihood that your cat will give birth to a litter of unwanted kittens, spaying also wipes out the possibility of your cat developing serious complications during the birthing process.
  • Regular heat cycles increase the amount of stress on your female cat’s body, making her more prone to a variety of other illnesses, such as respiratory disease, parasite infestation, and bacterial infection. Spaying stops the heat cycles.

As cute as kittens are, spaying is for the best. If you want a kitten in your life, you can always head to the shelter and adopt!

Do you know a mama cat who cares for her kittens like the mom in the video? Does your cat ever nap at odd times? Let us know in the comments below!


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