Meet The Biggest British Shorthair In The World, Or At Least On Instagram

Nicolas the British Shorthair cat is named after actor Nicolas Cage, who is known for his big–sometimes overly big–performances. If there’s one thing Nicolas the cat shares with the actor other than a name, it’s bigness. Katia, Nicolas’s owner, claims that her kitty is the biggest British Shorthair in the world. And he’s got an Instagram following to match.

Katia brought Nicolas home back in 2011, and she’s been in love with the big guy ever since. Nicolas now even has a little brother cat named Alex. Alex looks up to his big–much bigger–brother. Nicolas weighs in at almost 19 pounds (8.5 kilograms). When Katia holds him up, people are often shocked by his size.

With over 20k followers on Instagram, Nicolas has been able to show off his size to the world. He can also be seen playing with his little brother, Alex, who just so happens to be an extra adorable kitty, as well. 

Are you going to be following Nicolas on Instagram? Are you impressed by his size? Let us know in the comments below.

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