Funny Or Mean? Owner Startles Cat And Posts Picture Online

Most cat owners love taking pictures of their cats. Many phones around the world are stocked with cat photos, leaving very little space for anything else. But what lengths should a cat owner go to in order to get the perfect picture?

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One cat owner decided that making a loud noise would get her cat’s attention for a photo. It worked, but it worked a little too well. The poor kitty was startled by the loud noise, and the moment of fear was captured by the camera. The picture was posted to Reddit with the caption “I made a loud noise to try and get my cats attention for a picture, I may have startled him.”

The wide eyes and pulled back ears definitely indicate the cat is scared. But many commenters can’t decide if startling the cat was cruel or if the picture is funny. I personally don’t think the cat owner intended to startle the cat, but there are plenty of better ways to get a cat’s attention than creating a stressful situation. Using a toy or a treat, for example, is a much better way of getting a cat to look at the camera, and it doesn’t cause fear.

What do you think? Is the picture funny, or is startling a cat a mean thing to do? Let us know in the comments below.


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