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CatTime Review: The FurEater Is A Must-Have Solution For Pet Owners In Shedding Season

I have two Chihuahua mixes and one large Calico cat all living in the same modest two-bedroom apartment. Despite vacuuming regularly and giving the animals dry baths and brush sessions, tiny white hairs have made their way into every nook and cranny of my apartment.

For me, finding fur everywhere has become the norm. So when the folks over at FurEater offered to send their vacuum attachment, I was more than ready to try it out.

The FurEater is boasted as “the pet hair remover that works!” I’ve tried HEPA vacuums, lint rollers, and allergen wipes to remove stubborn fur from areas like the creases of my recliner and the floor of my car.

While those have all alleviated some of the mess, none have been quite as effective as the FurEater.

Here’s how the FurEater is a game changer when it comes to cleaning up my fur family’s stray hairs.

How The FurEater Works

The FurEater comes in several sizes and offers several adapters, and it connects to the hose of your vacuum cleaner. I connected my FurEater extension to my roommate’s wet-dry vacuum and got to work.

When it comes to upholstery, nothing has been as effective at removing pet hair as the FurEater. To use it, I simply turned my vacuum on and applied a medium-amount of pressure as I slowly dragged the it across the surface of my furniture.

The FurEater tends to gather the fur first before sucking it up. As you pull the extension across the surface, the clump of gathered fur will become larger and larger. It’s easy to suck up the fur once the attachment has loosened it up and gathered it in one clump.

I used it on all of my soft surfaces–pillows, couches, my cat’s scratching tree (which used to be permanently covered in a horrifying mix of cat fur, cat food, and catnip), and even on my black jeans before going out.

That’s the beauty of this product: you don’t have to be vacuuming to use it. You can use the attachment alone like a lint brush to gather stray hairs or fibers into an easy-to-pull-off clump.

The one area the FurEater lacks is with hardwood floors, which makes sense. The attachment’s bristles are designed to loosen up fur intertwined in the fibers of clothing, furniture, and other fabric surfaces. I used it with the vacuum in my bedroom. While it did a fine job vacuuming, it didn’t gather fur as impressively as it did on fabrics.

Is The FurEater Worth It?

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The FurEater attachment currently goes for $25.99 on Amazon. Frankly, if I had not had the opportunity to test it out first, I would probably balk at the idea of a vacuum extension that almost cost as much as my small HEPA handheld vacuum.

However, after using the product, I am converted. I love how easy it is to use. I also love the idea of saving on paper and money I would normally use with lint roller sticky papers. There were some days when I’d go through half a lint roller on furniture in our living room alone.

FurEater not only cut down on this cost, but made cleaning easier, as well.

If you’re going to purchase your own FurEater, check that you are purchasing the correct attachment size. FurEater has a handy guide on their website so you don’t get stuck with a piece of cleaning equipment you can only use sans vacuum.

If you’ve resolved yourself to living a life where all your black clothes have fur on them, think again. My cat is in the midst of her spring shed, and I’m glad I have this tool to help me mitigate the floating furballs all over my apartment.

Check out FurEater’s website here!

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