Rub ‘n Lounge Cat Scratcher by Imperial Cat

Pet Product Review – Rub ‘n Lounge cat scratcher by Imperial Cat

Imperial Cat


Since my cats love to sharpen their claws on everything imaginable, I’m always looking for ways to steer them away from the furniture and toward something that will not put me into a tail-spin! Imperial Cat’s line of Scratch ‘n Shapes cat scratchers certainly fit the bill.

The Rub ‘n Lounge combines style and practicality giving my kitties a place to claw without clashing with thedécor of my very cool living room. They love this thing! I sprinkled it with a little of the Organic Catnip (included) to peak their interest and then watched as they took turns clawing and lounging in the scooped-out perch.

Another feature of the Scratch ‘n Shapes that I really love is that once your cats have scratched the top side of the currugated cardboard lounge into oblivion you simply flip it over and let them start all over again!

5 Paws Rating A resounding 5 paws up from the SS Panel

Scratch ‘n Shapes range in price from $7.95 all the way up to $129.95 and can be purchased on the 4 Season Green House .

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