The amazing Litter-Robot! No more scooping. Period.

Pet Product Review – Automatic Self Cleaning Litter-Robot by Automated Pet Care Products, Inc.


Robot Robot

Just when the Cat Panel thought life couldn’t get any better, we received the Automatic Self Cleaning Litter-Robot from the amazing team at Automated Pet Care Products to review!

RobotWe left it unplugged and litter-less the first day to allow the cats time to get used to it. I was a little worried that the cats might be too freaked out by the new fangled, high-tech, gadget and refuse to use it (you know how cats hate change). But, much to my surprise (and delight), Buddha the Brave, used it immediately after I filled it with litter on the second day! Princess Indy sat and watched him, possibly curious to see if the big black globe was going to swallow him up!
Seven minutes after exiting the globe, the cleaning cycle began. The cats and I sat spellbound, unable to move as we watched the robot dump the waste and return the clean litter to its original position. After seeing that Buddha suffered no ill effects from using the new “litter-cave,” Indy began using it as though she’d used it all of her life.
RobotThis thing is BRILLIANT! Now, not only do the spoiled cats always have clean litter, but I will never have to scoop again! I just pull out the drawer, remove the trash bag, and replace it with another, twice a week. It uses regular clumping litter, and standard 13 gallon trash bags. My husband and I believe the website’s claim that you will “save as much as 50% on litter.” So, it will eventually pay for itself!

Brad Baxter, a former auto engineer and inventor of this mind-blowing, straight-out-of-the-Jetsons device, is officially our new super-hero.

The Panel declares the Litter-Robot a 5++ Paw Pet Product
You can purchase this technological marvel on the Litter-Robot website for $329-$349 (new) or $269-$289 (re-conditioned). You can also choose the 3 payment plan option (availablefor new units only). Free shipping, 90-day money back guarantee and an 18 month warranty.
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