Fling-ama-String hysterical cat toy

Pet Product Reviews – Fling-ama-String hysterical cat toy


After seeing the Fling-ama-String in action on the Animal Planet’s show, “Your Pet Wants This,” I just had to ask for one to review.

Indy couldn’t even wait for me to turn the Fling-ama-String on! She started playing with it as soon as I hung it over the doorknob. She and Buddha really went nuts when I turned it on and the string started teasing them with its little dance.


This toy is really clever! It’s an elastic conveyor belt that rotates, causing a colorful string to waggle in the air, slither across the floor, and then disappear. The cats love to get the string in their mouths and pull it as far as they can across the room. Poor Indy seems to get confused as to why the toy stops moving when she’s got the string trapped under her paw. They were absolutely mesmerized by this thing! They played with it until I turned it off an hour and a half later. Hours of enjoyment for the kitties and their human audience!

5paws_thumbThe Cat Panel gives the Fling-ama-String 5 paws!

You can purchase the Fling-ama-String Cat Toy for $29.95 at theanimalrescuesite.com. Here’s the best part…with each Fling-ama-String Cat Toy purchased, The Animal Rescue Site will fund 28 bowls of food for animals living in sanctuaries and shelters. The Animal Rescue Site store item number is 38576.

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