No Scratch Spray by Pet Organics

Pet Product Review – No Scratch Spray by Pet Organics


I purchased this product out of sheer desperation! My cats had gone to work on our new sofa and I vowed that I would not let them destroy one more thing in my house! It claims to be safe, non-staining and contains herbal essentials (garlic oil & clove oil), that discourage cats from scratching. The instructions say to apply it once a day for a few days and then as needed.

I first applied it to the areas of the sofa that the cats seemed to be focusing on. I applied it every day for 4 days. The first week the cats started clawing the couch just outside the perimeter of the sprayed area so I sprayed some more! It seemed to work for a couple of days at a time but then the cats would be right back at it, clawing the couch in the treated areas (I could even swear the darling little devils were laughing at me as they clawed with glee while staring at my bewildered expression). After reapplication they would back off for another day, maybe two.

Bottom line: I would say that it works if you are diligent in your reapplications. Perhaps my cats are a little more headstrong than yours and will cringe at the scent. To the human nose it smells very pleasant and is true to its claim to be non-staining. Personally, I may try applying fresh garlic directly to the couch, no humans will want to sit there but, hey, it will be preserved for future generations.

You can purchase Pet Organics No Scratch sprays at most retail stores who also carry pet supplies or you can buy a 16 oz bottle for $11.39 online at PetSmart

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