Mimi Litter Silica Cat Litter only at Walmart

Pet Product Review: Mimi Litter Silica Cat Litter only at Walmart 4 lbs bag

Ok here is a blog post that I’m having a bit of difficulty with. I have a cat, Stinky, so of course litter, only the highest quality, odor absorbing, paw friendly litter will do for my kitty. Personally, I love the crystal litter. So does Stinky. When I use litter such as Fresh Step, I never, ever smell any cat urine odor. Only problem is Fresh Step is expensive. I’m sorry, it really is. So, I’ve been on the search for an alternative.

Now I shop at Walmart frequently. Quite simply, they have the best prices of any pet or department store, period and their selection is awesome. One of the products they carry is a Silica sand type litter called Mimi Litter. It is different from anything I’ve seen before.


Now Silica is a porous granular form of sodium silicate which absorbs odor. It is the same stuff that comes in those little packets that you frequently find in snack foods or imported good. The bag of Mimi Litter claims that it inhibits bacteria, its totally environmentally friendly and it absorbs and cotrols the odor of urine and feces in second. They also claim that you spend much less money because one bag will last 1 full month.

Well, I can tell you, it does certainly do a great job of absorbing odors. As for saving money, yes, 1 bag is only $4 compared to over $8 for Fresh Step or Tidy Cats. But I don’t believe 1 bag lasts a month. I don’t care what brand it is, or what claims, I change Stinky’s litter every week.

Environmentally friendly? Well, it is approved by the UKAS Environmental Management, which I looked up and is a 3rd party environmental standards organization, but let’s face it, the product is manufactured in China which does not have a reputation for making anything environmentally friendly. Which brings me to the point, why is this product only sold at Walmart? I couldnt find it anywhere else. This I am not completely fine with.

So all in all, I guess you can say, Mimi Litter has everything I’m looking for in a litter, my cat likes it, the price is right. But I may opt to spend a bit more money on either Fresh Step Crystals or Tidy Cat Crystals because I know they come from American companies that make safety its top priority.

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