For cats and their people: Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Looking to indulge that special cat–or cat lover–in your life this holiday season? DogTime editors conferred directly with Santa Claws to bring you the best in feline-focused gifting. Check out our recommendations below…

Rub ‘n Lounge Cat Scratchers

The Rub ‘n Lounge combines style and practicality giving kitty a place to claw without clashing with the décor. You can sprinkle it with a little of the Organic Catnip (included) to peak their interest and then sit back and watch as they claw, rub, and lounge. Once your cats have scratched the top side of the currugated cardboard lounge into oblivion, you simply flip it over and let them start all over again!

FroliCat Bolt Interactive Laser Toy

No more numb wrist from manipulating your hand-held laser light toy while your cat plays. You simply turn the FroliCat Bolt on and watch as the toy moves the laser dot randomly around the room, occassionally resting in one place for a few seconds at a time, driving your cat delirious! The Bolt Laser Toy gives you the ability to adjust the height of the laser dot or use it as a hand held laser. It also has an automatic shut-off feature triggered after 15 minutes. Enjoy hours of fun watching your pet chase the elusive red dot!

Crater Dot Contoured Pet Lounge

The Crater Dot is a cute and comfy lounge fit for your little prince or princess in your home. The polyester plush dot center provides an easy to clean and comfy spot to relax. The foam lounge base is polyester fabric over a moulded foam form that is contoured to provide just the right padding for you pet. You can even purchase a Crater Dot warming kit to slip in the pocket in the base. Spoiled kitties!

Play-N-Squeak Cat Toys

The Play-N-Squeak toys are sure to capture your critical cat’s curiousity with the mouse-like squeaks that are triggered whenever the toys are moved. We especially like the “Ball of Furry Fury” where the mouse is suspended inside the toy just begging your cat to try to free him. It’s also large enough to keep it from disappearing under your furniture!


The KatKabin provides kitty with a cozy little retreat in which she can escape inclement weather, and other annoyances, while she enjoys her outdoor time, or a fun cave to snooze in when she’s chillin’ indoors. Made from high-grade, fade resistant plastic, the KatKabin has air holes in the back, a removable cat door and fitted cushion. It comes pre-assembled, is lightweight, and has a soft, insulating winter liner that can be purchased separately.


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