Product Review: Best Feline Food

Pet Product Review: Best Feline Food – BFF Tuna & Bonito Be Mine Recipe (in Aspic)

This morning as I was checking out whats new in my local pet store, I saw that they were carrying a new brand of high protein wet cat food that I have never seen before. This new brand is called Best Feline Food or BFF for short.

Best Friends Food - BFF Tuna & Bonito Be Mine Recipe (in Aspic)

Besides being a new brand that I hadn’t seen, I looked at the ingredients, and surely it was very high quaility fish protein and saw nothing unnatural of suspicious in the ingredients panne. Upon getting home and giving my cat Stinky his new meal of tuna & bonito fish, I thought to myself this looks a lot like a premium brand I often buy called weruva. Well sure enough the brand a Weruva brand. This is a good thing. Weruva makes all of their food to human consumption standards and only with the best ingredients.

I applaud Weruva because I always thought their brand was difficult to pronounce and did not appeal to a younger pet owner. The packaging an message of Best Feline Food does. You can find single serve cans at your local pet stores wherever Weruva is sold.

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