Product Review: Catchables Cat Toys

Pet Product Review – Catchables Cat Toys

So….. I was in PETCO yesterday and out of the corner of my eye I saw the most adorable cat toys: Catchables Cat Toys. They are so unique. Shaped and designed to look like little chipmunks. At first I thought, “gee, these are cute”. But then I realized, there’s a whole lot more thought that went into this cat toy. I realized when I came home and gave the toy to my cat Stinky, that Catchables Cat Toys were designed to encourage a cat’s instinctive desire to hunt. Hey, there is nothing wrong with that.

Catchables cat toy

Anyway, Stinky sure had fun. He took his Catchables Cat Toys chipmunk and swatted at it, carried it in his mouth, flipped it a few times until he lost it under the sofa. Typical, 3 times I had to reach down and retrieve the bugger for him.

Yes, the Catchables Cat Toys is filled with organically grown cat nip. So kitty play is even more fun. All materials are safe with not sharp or non-soft components. All in all, I (and Stinky) really like this toy. Go to PETCO and buy one for your feline friend. They are only $3.99 each so even in this economy, you’re not breaking the bank.

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