Product Review: Natural Choice Complete Care Cat Food Adult

Pet Product Review – Natural Choice Complete Care Cat Food Adult

A sample of Natural Choice Complete Care Cat Food was given to me a few months ago. I was impressed that Stinky my cat ate it right away. Obviously he enjoyed the flavor. I also found that Natural Choice Complete Care was made by Nutro which is a manuafacturer I trust. So I bought a bag.

I did some research and found Natural Choice Complete Care Cat Food Adult is recommended by veterinarians for indoor cats seven years and older. Guaranteed to improve skin and coat for less shedding and fewer hairballs. Formulated to reduce litter box and in-home odor. Chicken is the number 1 source of the the product’s protein and its full of vitamins and antioxidents.

Now, although this product was well received and I am sure it it good. But, you may remember that in 2007 many pet foods, including Nutro, that contained wheat gluten were recalled. Because of the increasing scope of these pet food recalls, I continue to read all cat food labels and avoid all of those products with wheat gluten as an ingredient. I also continue to rotate Nutro Natural Choice products in my own cats’ foods, as none of them include wheat gluten, with the exception of the one kitten food recipe that was recalled.

Given Nutro’s history of recalls, the class action filed against the company, and Nutro’s complete disregard for pet health, if you are truly concerned with the nutrition of your cats’ food, I would check with the company and their stand on recalls.

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