9 great iPhone apps for pet owners

Pet ownership implies responsibility; the innocent–and in some cases not-so-innocent–creatures depend on their owners for their well-being. Pet dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, reptiles all have different physiological and psychological needs and their health depends upon optimum fulfillment of these needs.

Often we need information on the go, when we are on the move. iPhone owners can avail a number of very helpful applications that can make life easier for them and their beloved pets.

1) Off Leash – A wonderful application that lets you find the location of up to 5 parks in your vicinity where your pet dog does not have to be on leash. The application tosses up the information once you have entered your area zip code. What’s more, it will even map out the route to a park you select. A useful application for dog owners that travel and need to give their pet some good hard exercise periodically.

2) Pet Notebook – The pet notebook is a handy organizer that can carry useful information on your pet or pets. It also features a cool image gallery that stores all those sweet photos of your pets. The data that you feed is easy to edit and arrange. You can fill in pet details, memorable landmark events, appointments with vets, registration information, and most importantly, any medications that the pet needs to take. The app can store the vet’s address and guide you to the location by connecting to Google maps.

3) All Pets Radio – This application connects you to the popular All Pets Radio station via your iPhone. Learn about pet care and listen to interesting news that is pet- and animal-related.

4) Diagnostic Imaging Atlas – A comprehensive atlas that contains information on normal physiology of animals and various pathologies. A great tool for both veterinary practitioners and lay pet owners. Use this tool to brush up your knowledge on what is possibly ailing your pet before you take it to the vet.

5) PawTrotter – PawTrotter is like an exhaustive Yellow Pages for pets–a very useful application that pet owners. Look up pet-friendly hotels, the most reliable vets in an area, pet sitters with good ratings, and a lot more.

6) Petfinder – There’s a very strong element of altruism about this app. With this app you can search and review more than 290,000 pets from over 13,000 shelters and rescue groups. That is a big database. It is a novel idea that works for both pet owners and potential pet owners. You can get directions to the pet shelter as well as their telephone numbers and email ids via this app.

7) Pet Acoustics – This app is fun and perhaps a little decadent. Animals are sensitive to sounds that are beyond human listening capabilities. With this app, you can play music that has been particularly designed to smooth the frazzled nerves of your pet dog, cat, horse after a hard day at the vet’s place or if the animal is feeling low because of a stomach bug.

8) Rate My Puppy – An application that lets you show off your pet’s cutest poses to others. You can rate their pets, make friends with other pet-owners, participate in contests and do much more. A nice interactive application that can help you create and preserve memories.

9) Cat Symptoms – A must-have for cat owners. You just don’t know when you may have to refer this one. There are hundred of cat health articles that are neatly categorized. You can also search by keyword. With these articles serving as a guideline, you are well-prepared to take care of your pet and if necessary ask the vet relevant questions.


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