Product Review: Vita Gravy

Pet Products Review – Vita-Gravy 12oz

Meatloaf with gravy, turkey with gravy, mashed Potatoes with gravy…dog food with gravy? And gravy with vitamins?

OK now let’s get serious, Vita-Gravy, it’s a vitamin supplement for either cats or dogs. You add a little bit to your pet’s food and enhanced is the taste and nutritional value of the pets’ food. Also enhanced is the wallet of the manufacturer.

When I brought this product to the counter, my vet guys said “you don’t want this, it’s not very popular”. I should have listened! Vita Gravy looks like salad dressing. But at $7.98 per bottle, I must have been out of my mind to buy this product and it kills me that I have to throw it away. Now, if you do want to try it, go to an online retailer like a great store that sells the same product for only $4.79.

In a nutshell, not only did my pets turn their noses at this grey colored stinky stuff, they wouldn’t touch the rest of the food in their bowls. I’d rank this purchase close to a colossal waste.

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