Premium herbal cat toys by The Way of Cats

Pet Product Review – Premium herbal cat toys by The Way of Cats

The Way of Cats herbal cat toysThe Way of Cats Herbal Variety Sampler

Watching cats with catnip – does home-style entertainment get much better? Here at Secret Shopper Headquarters we don’t think so! The cat loving team at Way of Cats was kind enough to send the gang their Herbal Blends Variety Sampler to test. The cats were eager to clock-in and get to work.

“The Way” is a training philosophy developed by Pamela Merritt, author of Cats 911. Pamela’s method emphasizes communication, understanding and mutual respect with the goal of transforming us all into “Cat Perfect Masters.” The Way of Cats website is a treasure trove of information, insights and products all designed to aid us (and our feline friends), on our journey to kitty enlightenment.
And of course, a little herbal stimulation helps our kitties achieve that oh-so-blissful state of nirvana. How appropriate that it was little Buddha who couldn’t wait to start his journey, communicating his desire by breaking into the shipping box and knocking the fragrant herbal toys to the floor.
The cats and I really like the way the toys are packaged; not hidden in the deep recesses of a plush toy, but packed into cute, tough, little magic bags (and one tiny sock). The material is perfect for the cats to hold, toss and throw with their claws. They literally went nuts over each blend they sampled: Pooka Blend, Royal Nip and Braveheart’s favorite, Stinky Sox. You’ll see at the end of our video that Buddha was quite successful in becoming one with the universe.
5 Paw Rating 5 tranquil paws up for The Way of Cats herbal toys!
The Way of Cats herbal cat toys are $11.99 for a set of three and can be purchased on The Way of Cats website.
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