Sunny Seat Cat Window Bed For Cats [REVIEW]

Pet Product Review: Sunny Seat Window-Mounted Cat Bed

It seems that there can never be too many perches or caves around the house for our kitties. We’ve created cat-friendly nests on top of refrigerators, desktop hutches and I accommodate my kitty Buddha most evenings by creating a cave under the bed covers while I’m watching TV. The Sunny Seat seemed like a perfect fit for our home, but is it one of those products that’s too good to be true?

True to the advertisement, no tools are needed to attach it to your window, just make sure the glass is clean before attaching the four, big suction cups and voilà! I was a little apprehensive when I put Buddha on the Sunny Seat for the first time; I imagined the whole thing crashing to the ground and Buddha holding me in contempt for several hours (possibly days). Much to my surprise, and delight, it stayed put!

The instructions state that the Sunny Seat will hold 40 pounds, so far I’ve only had one cat at a time on it but it seems very sturdy. Now the cats can have a perch near the doggy door that even our Great Dane can’t get to (there’s a chair next to the perch to provide the cats with easy access). I would love to have several of these so that the cats could hop from one to another.

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