Product Review: Cosmic Cat Cardboard Cat Scratch Post/Box

Pet Product Review – Cosmic Cat Cardboard Cat Scratch Post/Box

If you value how your house looks and the furniture and rugs you buy to make your home more comfortable and aesthetic, than you know how infuriating it can be when your cat scratches. Its terrible. But can you really blame your cat? He needs to scratch to shed the dead outer sheath of their claws,which grow constantly like our fingernails. These old shreds of claws feel irritating to cats’ paws and cover sharp new claws. The rough texture of most upholstery and of some wood is very effective for this shedding and shredding. And it feels good to the cat!

Well, its nearly impossible to train a cat not to scratch, but you can teach him what to scratch. I recommend having a few simple and inexpensive cardboard cat scratch boxes around your house. One of the best and most available is the Cosmic Cat Cardboard Scratch box. Cardboard has long been recommended as an economical scratcher that trains the cat away from rugs and furniture. Corrugated cardboard has the feel of nature for the cat. It has holes to allow the cat to sink his claws into the scratcher (instead of the furniture) to clean his claws. Since most people do not have corrugated cardboard lying around the house, it quickly becomes the scratching spot. What makes Cosmic Cat so different is that it comes with a bag of tastey cat nip that attracts the cat to the cardboard.

Go to has an excellent selection of cat scratching posts and the Cosmic Cat Scratch Post for only $6.99.

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