A cat sitting outside, like Pebbles, a cat at the University of Essex, who was recently honored with a statue.
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Campus Cat ‘Pebbles’ Honored With Statue at University of Essex

A feline resident of the University of Essex in the United Kingdom, a cat called Pebbles, is getting official recognition for his campus contributions. In celebration of Pebbles’ popularity, the university declared March 5 as “Campus Cat Day.” Moreover, they unveiled a bronze statue of the cat in his honor. 

University of Essex’s campus cat Pebbles is honored with a statue

Pebbles, a cherished cat who frequents the University of Essex campus, has received an official honor, as per BBC. Recognizing his widespread popularity, the university has established March 5 as “Campus Cat Day.” They also revealed a permanent tribute – a bronze statue. This special ceremony celebrated Pebbles and his unique bond with the university community.

Pebbles is a black and white cat who was first spotted on campus in 2010. He stole the hearts of the students and became their beloved mascot. Despite his respectable age of 16, Pebbles remains a sprightly figure, still gracing the university grounds with his presence.

In addition, the University of Essex has an official page dedicated to Pebbles. On the page, his motto reads, “If I fit, I sit.”

Craig Stephens, CEO of the Student Union, adopted Pebbles in 2011. According to him, the cat “has brought a lot of joy to people’s lives.”

Additionally, Stephens acknowledged that the duck population on the campus showed a small decline when Pebbles was younger. However, Stephens assured the feline has mellowed with age, saying, “Now he’s actually a really placid cat. He loves being stroked and played with.”

Stephens also emphasized the true spirit of Campus Cat Day, saying that it’s about “having a celebration”. He added the cat is all about bringing people together and having fun. 

Furthermore, a representative from the University of Essex stated that Pebbles now wishes for another recognition. He eagerly anticipates a building to be named in his honor, something along the lines of “Pebbles Teaching Centre.”


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