A vet checking a cat's ears, similar to the cat whose ear infection treatment costs reached thousands of dollars.
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Man Spent Thousands Treating Cat’s Ear Infection

With the rising costs of veterinary care, pet owners face significant expenses when seeking medical treatment for their pets. A cat owner had to spend thousands of dollars to incur the cost of his cat’s ear infection. The man adopted the cat 12 years ago and they share a deep bond. 

Cost kept increasing to treat emotional support cat’s ear infection

Nowadays, veterinary costs can be pretty steep, especially if your pet needs bloodwork, tests, or surgical procedures. A man living in Miami-Dade, Florida, had to shell out thousands of dollars for his cat’s ear infection, as Local 10 reports.

Michael Ingraffia shares an unbreakable bond with his emotional support cat named Zita, having welcomed her into his home from a nearby shelter 12 years ago. 

Anxiety arose when he noticed signs of an infection in Zita’s ear. He said, “I noticed her ear was swollen, which I found out later was a hematoma.” 

Immediately, he sought veterinary care and followed the doctor’s instructions diligently to ensure Zita’s well-being.

He recounted, “So the estimate was between $900-$1,200 … they gave me a ballpark figure … and I agreed to it.” 

Subsequently, Ingraffia paid the bill and took his cat home. However, within a day, the situation worsened. Zita’s ear remained the same as before, and on top of that, she showed signs of weakness. 

The cat owner then returned to VCA Aventura Animal Hospital with Zita, where they underwent another procedure. This time, the ear drain cost Ingraffia an additional cost of $300. 

Still, the situation did not improve. “Within four hours of me bringing her home, it’s engorged again,” Ingraffia stated.

Following his disagreement with VCA, Ingraffia sought a second opinion and decided to visit another veterinary hospital. Animal Welfare Society of South Florida and Local 10 assisted the man, and Zita underwent a comprehensive ear hematoma surgery at this facility. Therefore, this procedure involved the removal of infected tissue and fibrosis from her ear.

Consequently, Zita had a fantastic recovery after the surgery. Presently, she is well and living comfortably with her dad. 

The overall expenses for Ingraffia amounted to $3,000 after this surgery cost him an additional $1,300. 


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