Cat’s act of self-amputation may have saved its life

A cat’s heroic act of self-preservation probably saved its life. An animal services officer found a 3-year-old cat wandering around a trailer park, and according to the Asheville Humane Society in N.C., the 4-pound feline was starving, covered in fleas, missing teeth, and suffering from an infection.

Someone had deliberately tied a shoe lace around the cat’s front right leg, cutting off circulation to the limb. As the flow of blood ceased, the limb began to die. Karen Shenar, president of the Asheville Humane Society, believes the cat may have had to self-amputate the infected area in order to stay alive.

The Cat, named Noelle as it was found the day before Christmas, recently underwent surgery to complete amputating its leg. The now-three-legged cat has been nursed back to health, and is looking for a loving owner that it richly deserves.

You can see more of Noelle in a video from the Asheville Humane Society:


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