Cat toys: gifts for cat lovers

Sure, we can tell you these toys are for your cat, but the true gift is the hours of entertainment you’ll get watching the fun.

Amazing Treat Machine Rollers

Clever, interactive, treat toys provide hours of fun for small pets. The unpredictable rolling movement of these cardboard rollers keeps pets mentally engaged. Fill them with treats or catnip. For $9.99, you receive four Amazing Treat Machine Rollers, eight additional decorative wheels, four organic catnip pouches and instructions.

Modern Cat Studios Bamboleos

Handmade using natural cork, sturdy cotton twine, with felt end caps and stuffed with fine-grind organic catnip, Bamboleos make a stylish addition to kitty’s toy box. Cats are able to grasp the cotton twine casing with their claws giving them the ability to fling the toys in the air. Eco-friendly and inexpensive!

Moderncat Bamboleos
Undercover Mouse

My Three Cats

The Under Cover Mouse is an interactive toy that provides cats with the predator-prey stimulation they crave. A little red mouse “tail” torments kitty as it moves silently; randomly speeding, slowing and reversing direction as it peeks out from under a durable nylon cover.

Premium Herbal Cat Toys

The Way of Cats packs only the highest grade herbs in to charming yet tough little bags (and one tiny sock), Their Royal Nip, Stinky Sox and Pooka Blend catnips will help Fluffy reach a state of nirvana. The bag’s material makes it ideal for cats to hold, toss and throw with their claws.

Herbal Cat Toys
MouseFull Cat Toy

Mousefull Catnip Toy

Watch your cat stalk, toss and pounce this refillable catnip toy by Petlinks System. MouseFull will stimulate his senses and entice your purr pal to play for hours with its hidden pocket filled with tempting, organic catnip. The refillable Velcro pouch guarantees the feline fun will last for many moons.

Purrfect Pouncer Cat Toy

You can take the cat out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the cat! The Purrfect Pouncer gives cats the opportunity to stalk, pounce, bat and attack the faux bird prey. It’s made of a flexible wand, a thick leather lace and a generous selection of chicken and rooster feathers that cats find irresistible.

Purrfect Pouncer


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