Feline photo fun from Fresh Step

Admit it: you’ve often wondered what’s going on inside your cat’s furry little head, right? Maybe she’s thinking of distant lands… posing in front of the Eiffel Tower, a bowl of crème at her paws. Or he could beon safari, communing with long lost ancestral family members. Well, now’s your chance to give your cat the photo — if not the actual experience — of his dreams.

Fresh Step is introducing a fun new program in which your cat can step out of the proverbial litter box and into the scene of a lifetime. It works like this: users can upload a photo of their cat — and then place him in any one of a variety of exotic and unexpected environments. Yep, your cat’s head on the body of a Hollywood starlet, rugged outdoorsman, world traveler, and more. The finished product is better than Photoshop, funnier than those “funny cat” websites, and way easier than trying to snap a picture of your cat doing something cute.

The best part is, you can send photos of your cat’s adventures to friends, upload the image to Facebook, or post it on twitter. Another excuse to show off your cat? Sure. And you’re welcome.

Check it out!


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