Give them shelter

Katie Cleary, model, actress, and — now — writer and producer, is the force behind the 90-minute documentary Give Me Shelter, a film created in order to raise awareness for important animal issues around the world. The film focuses on animal abuse, puppy mills, and other issues that have negative impacts on animals and their habitats.

As a longtime animal rights activist, Cleary is hoping to raise awareness about animal welfare. She tells Origin Magazine, “Animals should have rights and should be treated with compassion and empathy; we are their caretakers. If you don’t have it in your heart to help them, then just leave them alone and do no harm.”

Her film, Give Me Shelter, is directed by Kristin Rizzo, and includes interviews with Robert Davi,Carole Davis, Alison Eastwood, Tippi Hedren, Easi Morales, Elaine Hendrix, and The Cove’s Richard O’Barry.

According to Cleary, “The film incorporates the work that many different individuals and animal organizations do, in a way that has never been done before. It illustrates the truth of such issues as the underground black market trade of wild and exotic animals, puppy mills, poaching, animal abuse and neglect, environmental conservation to protecting endangered species, animal products in food, and the fur industry.

Give Me Shelterwon Best Documentary Short for Winter 2013 at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood. On February 24 it will be released nationwide on DVD, Digital Download, and Video on Demand.

Take a look at the trailer:

Sources: Give Me Shelter, Origin


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