How pet names stand up to baby names

Worried that the name you gave a newborn could be the same as that of the four-legged pooch across the street? The odds are against it, at least according to data from the Social Security Administration and VPI Pet Insurance.

Each year institution compiles the data for the most popular names for pets and newborns, and for 2011, only two monikers overlapped between the two groups: Bella, short for Isabella, and Sophie, a variation on Sophia.

Here are the top 10 names for dogs, cats, exotic animals, and newborn boys and girls for 2011:

Rank: Dogs:* Cats:* Birds/Exotics:* Baby Boys:** Baby Girls:**
1. Bella Bella Charlie Jacob Sophia
2. Bailey Max Max Mason Isabella
3. Max Chloe Baby William Emma
4. Lucy Oliver Sunny Jayden Olivia
5. Molly Lucy Buddy Noah Ava
6. Buddy Shadow Jack Michael Emily
7. Daisy Smokey Angel Ethan Abigail
8. Maggie Tiger Daisy Alexander Madison
9. Charlie Charlie Bella Aiden Mia
10. Sophie Tigger Coco Daniel Chloe

Sources: *VPI Pet Insurance, **Social Security Administration


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