The best dog and cat print ads

We all remember print advertisements — you know, those things that were once done in small books that were made out of paper? Every year, a lot of companies put a ton of money into 30-second television spots during the Super Bowl, but how do you convey an idea and get people to do something in a single image? Here are seven clever print advertisements that do an excellent job of conveying what a company’s product does and entertaining the reader at the same time.

8 in 1 dental snacks (snacks)

This ad was created by Publicis in Frankfurt, Germany, and was published in March 2009

The caption reads: “Bad dog breath?”

Alka Seltzer (antacid relief)

This ad was created by PROVID in Kiev, Ukraine; it was published in April 2008

The caption reads: “Hangover is dangerous.”

Bose (noise-cancelling headphones)

This ad was created by DDB advertising agency in Singapore

Fresh Step (cat litter)

This ad was created by DDB West in Los Angeles, CA

The caption reads: “Cats everywhere are having a hard time smelling their litter boxes.”

Lifebuoy (sanitary hand wash)

This ad was created by Lowe Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia

The caption reads: “You eat what you touch.”

Nutripro (diet dog food)

This ad was created by Prolam Y&R in Chile

The caption reads: “Life’s hard when you’re a fat dog.”

Take a look at alternate versions of the Nutipro ads.

Pedigree (light dog food)

This ad was created by TBWA in Paris, France

The caption reads: “Perhaps it’s time to turn to Pedigree light dog food.”

Take a look at an alternate version of the Pedigree Light Dog Food ad.


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