Grooming Products by Pet Head

Pet Product Review: Grooming Products by Pet Head

Have you heard of the people grooming products under the name Bed Head? Well, these fun products with names like Superstar, Ego Boost, Cocky, and Moisture Maniac are products I use quite often. So, when I came across a new line with the name Pet Head, grooming products for dogs and cats, I had to have some! I couldn’t wait to see what the funky names of the products would be, and more important, if the product would work as well as I think the people version does.

The names are equally as fun: Fears For Tears, Quickie, Dry Clean, So Spoiled, Life’s an Itch, and Feeling Flaky, just to name a few. I received a sample of Quickie, a quick lathering, quick rinsing shampoo that left my puppy’s fur oh so soft and very fluffy. I must mention the tropical guava scent was amazing. Also, in the box was Fears For Tears, a hypoallergenic, extra gentle shampoo with a green apple scent and So Spoiled, an oatmeal & honey conditioning rinse.

I must say these products are a definite keeper in our house! I loved the names, scents and quality of all the products. They all seemed to do exactly what the bottle said, they left my puppy’s fur soft, fluffy and smelling good. Who could ask for more?

Pet Head also has a line of non-staining, colored styling gel, brushes and cat grooming products.

Pet Head products can be purchased from PetCo, PetSmart and many online retailers.

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