Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds

In 2013, the Bengal got the most attention in the CatTime Breed Center from our readers — did the exotic-looking feline capture the top spot this year?

Note: This is not a list of CatTime’s favorite felines, nor are we promoting specific purebreds or hybrids — it’s a ranking of the cats CatTime readers looked at most often on in 2014.

10. Abyssinian

Staying a step ahead of an Aby — or even just keeping pace with her — requires the fancy footwork of a Fred Astaire, the brainpower of an Einstein, and a perpetual sense of humor. (2013 rank: 5)

9. Himalayan

Thanks to a story about a kicked Himmie who subsequently went berserk, this breed made a big jump to land in the top 10. The result of breeding a Persian with a Siamese, the Himalayan is affectionate but discriminating — reserving her attention for family members chosen few whom she feels she can trust. (2013 rank: 27)

8. Bombay

The feline has no connection with port in India. The Bombay was created from crosses between sable Burmese and black American Shorthairs to resemble a black panther in miniature. (2013 rank: 6)

7. Siberian

First imported to the United States in 1990, the Siberian’s bold temperament makes her an excellent choice for a family with kids; she’s also a big cat with a history of helping keep houses and stores free of rodents. (2013 rank: 9)

6. Burmese

Energetic, friendly, and endlessly curious, the Burmese cat is most at home in the company of another pet — especially another Burmese. (2013 rank: 3)

5. Maine Coon

The official cat of the state of Maine, the Maine Coon isn’t clingy or a lap cat, but her large size and giant paws mean no rodent will be safe in your home. (2013 rank: 15)

4. Persian

The medium-sized cat is renowned for her quiet and sweet personality…she’s also a part of movie history, as the feline who is always stroked by James Bond’s archenemy, Blofeld. (2013 rank: 7)

3. Ragdoll

Notable for the feline who goes limp when picked by a human, the Ragdoll’s origins have been traced to the Siamese, Birman, Persian, and Burmese breeds. The feline’s large size makes her ideal for families with children. (2013 rank: 4)

2. Bengal

An active, curious, and intelligent cat who loves to play and gets along with other family pets — including dogs. Plus, the Bengal’s distinctive, exotic coat is a perfect match for her personality. (2013 rank: 1)

1. Siamese

The Siamese looks dressed for an elegant masquerade ball in pale evening wear with chic black accessories and tanzanite-blue eyes…but her elegant exterior belies a chatty busybody who does not like being left alone for long periods of time. If you’ve seen the animated classic Disney movie, The Lady and the Tramp, you will never forget the Siamese. (2013 rank: 2)


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