Other Cat Gifts 2014

Five gifts, including a plush toy of a certain unhappy feline and a book series especially for children:

Bad Kitty Book Series

Bad Kitty is a series of books featuring a mischievous, trouble-making feline that will appeal to readers of all ages. We learn about the foods Bad Kitty doesn’t like from A-Z. We read the foods her pet owner bought to appease her. We uncover the devilish deeds she performs, all the way up to the letter Z. Then we are made aware of the 26 separate things she does to make up for her bad behavior. Your kids will learn, and you will find yourself chuckling at Bad Kitty’s missteps and the cute illustrations.

Available at: Bad Kitty | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Grumpy Cat Plush Toy

This super soft, 9-inch plush toy captures the fabulously grouchy sourpuss that is Grumpy Cat. Now, the internet celebrity, media sensation, and meme favorite, is available in highly huggable form. Suitable for Grumpy Cat lovers 1 year and older. Surface-washable for easy cleaning. Who would have ever thought that being so darned grumpy could be so dang cute?

Available at: Amazon | Gund | Nordstrom

KONG Cat ZoomGroom Brush

The ¾-inch firm, yet flexible rubber teeth of the KONG Cat ZoomGroom attract loose hair and dander, while simultaneously delivering an invigorating skin massage. The easy to grip, adorable, purple cat brush is great for anxious kitties, or cats who are adverse to wire brushes. Regular grooming with the KONG ZoomGroom helps not only to prevent hairball formation, but conditions the skin.

Available at: Petco | PetEdge | Wag

Petco Holiday Santa Coat for Cats

Put your pet cat in a festive mood with the Petco Holiday Santa Coat. This one-piece costume covers the feline’s body and most of her head, with a red-and-white design that makes her look like Santa Claus. Comes complete with a metal belt buckle and Velcro straps that make the costume easy to put on, take off, and adjust for a perfect fit.

Available at: Petco

Pet Fusion Cat Scratcher Lounge

The folks at Pet Fusion figured out cat scratchers aren’t required to be an eyesore. This cat scratcher is beautifully designed, and doubles as a lounge. The curved design naturally attracts cats as a comfortable place to scratch, play, and take a nap. The dense, eco-friendly, recycled corrugated cardboard, with its durable construction, lasts longer than other scratchers. It’s even reversible, so it’ll last twice as long. Finally, a cat scratcher you won’t want to hide in the closet while entertaining friends.

Available at: Amazon | Wag


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