Cat Accessory Gifts 2014

Transporting your kitty in style and comfort, a litter box that keeps the litter and other refuse inside the box, and a unique scratcher are some of the items in this section:

ABO Gear Happy Habitat for Indoor Cats

If your inside cat sits for hours, gazing longingly out the window, there is now a way for you to give her the wonderful gift of experiencing the great outdoors. The Happy Habitat cat tent has a zippered door, enough space for a cat bed, and a climbing stand. Much like a traditional camping tent, this tent has stakes to secure to the ground, and folds up to be easily inserted into its bag for storage, or to take on road trips. Dimensions are length 74″ x width 63″ x height 36″. Perfect for your yard, deck, or balcony.

Available at: Petco | Amazon | Walmart

Catit Cat Litter Pan with Rim

This stylish, innovative litter box is made of durable material. Save money on litter and time cleaning up around your litter box. After your cat has done her business, the built-in anchor keeps the disposal bag open making it easier to scoop litter. In fact, the slightly curved top will even direct litter back into the box while she’s digging. For anxious or claustrophobic kitties, this is a splendid alternative to domed litter boxes.

Available at: Amazon | Bed Bath & Beyond | Wag

Paw-Shaped Cat Litter Catcher Mat

You’ve tried those hard plastic trays with ridges or bumps, and the flexible rubber mats that look like car mats. Still, litter everywhere. This oversized, paw shaped cat litter catcher mat by Two Meows is the cat’s meow. When your cat steps out of her litter box onto this attractive non-slip mat, the soft, rubberized material brushes against her paws to remove and trap excess litter. To clean, just fold in half and shake out over the litter box.

Available at: Amazon

SturdiBag Black Pet Carrier

SturdiBag flexible height pet carrier is the lightest weight professional grade pet carrier on the market. It’s perfect to slide under an airline seat or to place in the car, as the patented design enables the top of the carrier to flex, yet not collapse. For added safety and security, SturdiBag has security clips, a leash tether, and seatbelt safety straps. The retractable privacy flaps located atop the mesh windows may be closed if kitty gets nervous, to enable him to sleep soundly on the soft interior fleece pad.

Available at: Petco | Amazon | PetSmart

Bergan Star Chaser Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

“What a cute little ball,” the cat says to herself. “I must have it!” The SCTSCT is a plastic wheel is encircled by a groove with a ball embedded in its track. When the ball moves, a motion-activated light inside the ball flashes, enticing the cat to play. A cardboard piece caps the middle of the toy, and is perfect for when the cat gets overstimulated and needs to exercise her claws. Catnip is included to get the party started.

Available at: Petco


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