Cat Accessory Gifts

Need to transport your kitty from point A to Point B in comfort and safety? Want to make mealtime a fun activity where your cat gets some exercise? We’ve got products for both these requirements and more.

Aikiou Stimulo Cat Activity Feeding Center

Cats are curious, natural hunters. Merely consuming food from a bowl is not only monotonous, but often contributes to feline obesity. The Aikiou Stimulo Cat Activity Feeding Center is a challenging, interactive game, which appeals to a cat’s natural instincts. Cats enthusiastically capture their own food from any of the nine adjustable tubes, and the ingestion rate is greatly reduced as kitty skillfully retrieves her dinner. Aids in proper digestion, reduces vomiting, and promotes happiness and improved mental health.

Available at: Amazon | Petco

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

Keep your cat off your counter and out of your sinks and toilets with the Drinkwell Platinum Fountain. It has a free-flow stream that attracts cats and encourages them to drink more. The fountain holds a large amount of water (168 ounces) — a gallon in the tank and nearly a half a gallon in the reservoir. This means less work for you: on average, if you have one 15-pound cat you only need to refill the fountain once every 10 days. The motor is nearly silent, has an adjustable control valve, and the unit includes a replaceable charcoal filter.

Available at: Amazon | Petco | PetSmart

Kookamunga Funky Fish Cat Bed

Finding the perfect cat bed for Fluffy can be a challenge, but the Funky Fish offers seclusion, comfort, and aesthetics that may appeal to the pickiest feline. Made of polyester foam, the Kookamunga Funky Fish Cat Bed keeps its 24 x 13 x 17.5-inch shape, and features a roomy interior to accommodate almost any cat size. If your feline is not fond of fish, take a look at other clever Kookamunga cat-bed offerings, such as the Tuna Can or Funky Flower Pot — all from 8 in 1 Pet Products.

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Sherpa Original Deluxe Carriers

Chances are, the moment your feline sees a cat carrier, she’ll suspect the worst: In most cases, travel followed by a veterinarian examination. You may not change your cat’s attitude, but at least you can take her to her destination in style and comfort. The Sherpa Original Deluxe carrier offers both, and features a wood-board base wrapped in a waterproof lining, plenty of ventilation, top and side entry, and locking zippers to thwart escape artists. Available in multiple colors and sizes.

Available at: Amazon | Petco | PetSmart | Wag

Soft Claws

Declawing a cat is cruel and not an option, so for those who have tried scratching posts, spray water bottles, citrus scents, tinfoil, and other deterrents, only to have Fluffy keep sharpening her claws on the living room sofa, try Soft Claws. These small vinyl caps attach via an adhesive to your cat’s claws and keep them from causing damage. Available in various sizes, Soft Claws last an average of 4 to 6 weeks, and have several different colors, including two-tones, clear, and with glitter patterns. Also available for dogs.

Available at: Amazon | Petco | Soft Claws


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