Cat beats down crocodile

Several of us have heard of or seen incidents of cats repelling large dogs with a deft smack from one of their paws to the canine’s snout, but what about a reptile?

According to DailyMail, a house cat who wandered into a crocodile enclosure had no problem fending off advances by one of the fearsome reptiles. The incident took place in Jaipur, India.

Celebrating their first wedding anniversary, tourists Vishal Chaudhary, 26, and his wife husband Manu, 25, from Southall, Middlesex, caught the encounter on video.

“While we were at the crocodile section we realized a cat had got in and was at the edge of the crocodile pond,” Vishal told DailyMail. “When the crocodile came up in the water we felt sure we were witnessing the last minutes of her life.

“We couldn’t believe it though when the cat daringly warned the crocodile and then fearlessly slapped it twice.”

Take a look at video of the incident:

Despite onlookers trying to scare the cat away, the feline held his ground during the encounter, and the crocodile backed down, suffering scratches on his snout.

Sources: DailyMail, Time


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