Cat Takes Unscheduled Trip To Disney World

In 2012 a 14-month-old Circleville, Ohio, cat took an unplanned trip to Disney World after the feline made his way into a suitcase that destined for the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Fla.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Bob-bob, a black cat, snuck into her owner’s suitcase as she was packing for the trip last week.

Ethel Mays, who runs the Maze Residential Care Home for disabled veterans, was packing up for a group’s yearly trip to Disney World. Somewhere during the process, the feline snuck into Mays’ suitcase undetected, and ended up packed away in her luggage.

Mike Groleau, who handled the bags for the group, thought he saw the suitcase move before he tagged and loaded it with the rest of the luggage.

Bob-bob sailed through airport screening at Port Columbus International Airport without arousing suspicion. Even an x-ray machine failed to detect the stowaway cat.

According to ABC News, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) claims when they check bags, they’re looking for security threats, not pets.

“We would not necessarily have the ability to look for or to identify a pet if it were inside a checked bag,” a representative from the TSA said.

Ten hours, and 921 miles later, Mays found Bob-bob when she opened her suitcase in her hotel room. The cat was unharmed, although he did hide under the bed for around seven hours.

Bob-bob will return home via Southwest Airlines; the carrier agreed to waive the $75 pet transportation fare.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, ABC News


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