Cat names taken from James Bond characters

James Bond is one of cinema’s most enduring franchises…and a huge moneymaker. For a series to last this long, it needs a steady supply of villains and other interesting characters. We plucked some character names that would also be an excellent choice for a cat, but omitted some of the more outlandish ones (like Moonraker‘s Dr. Goodhead). How cool would it be to have a cat named Thunderball?

Warning: Plot spoilers are revealed below.

Blofeld (full name: Ernst Stavro Blofeld; played by several actors): James Bond’s greatest enemy, he even killed 007’s wife; he’s usually holding a white Persian cat.

Bond (full name: James Bond; played by several actors): The suave super spy every woman loves; his MI6 codename is 007.

Boris (full name: Boris Grishenko; played by Alan Cumming in GoldenEye): Obnoxious, but brilliant, computer hacker and henchman of Alec Trevelyan.

Domino (full name: Dominique Derval; played by Claudine Auger in Thunderball): Bond’s female love interest.

Drax (full name: Hugo Drax; played by Michael Lonsdale in Moonraker): Bond villain who planned to kill all people with a poisonous substance dropped from space.

Elektra (full name: Elektra King; played by Sophie Marceau in The World is Not Enough): Kidnap victim who fell in love with her captor, Renard.

Felix (full name: Felix Leiter; played by different actors): Bond’s CIA contact who also works for the DEA.

GoldenEye: (GoldenEye): Satellite weapon system that uses an electromagnetic pulse (in the movie of the same name).

Goldfinger (full name: Auric Goldfinger; played by Gert Frobe in Goldfinger): Bond enemy who wanted to nuke the world’s gold supply in order to make his stash more valuable.

Jaws (played by Richard Kiel in The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker): Bond enemy who stands over 7 feet tall and comes with metal teeth.

Jinx: (full name: Jinx Johnson; played by Halle Berry in Die Another Day): NSA agent and romantic interest for Bond.

Klebb (full name: Rosa Klebb; played by Lotte Lenya in From Russia with Love): Russian SPECTRE Bond nemesis; wears a shoe with a poisoned stiletto knife in the tip.

Largo (full name: Emilio Largo; played by Adolfo Celi in Thunderball): One-eyed SPECTRE big-shot who masterminded the theft of nuclear warheads.

M (played by different actors): James Bond’s boss and the head of MI6; briefs 007 on his missions.

May Day (played by Grace Jones in A View to a Kill): Max Zorin’s henchwoman who sleeps with 007.

Melina (full name: Melina Havelock; played by Carole Bouquet in For Your Eyes Only): Bond love interest seeking revenge for her murdered parents.

Moneypenny (full name: Miss Moneypenny; played by several actresses): Secretary of James Bond’s boss, M; flirts with 007 whenever he checks in.

Nick Nack (played by Herve Villechaize in The Man With the Golden Gun): Scaramanga’s pint-sized sidekick/henchman.

Octopussy (played by Maud Adams in Octopussy): Smuggler and Bond romantic interest; owns and operates a circus as cover for transferring contraband between countries.

Oddjob (played by Harold Sakata in Goldfinger): Goldfinger’s henchman; can crush golf balls with his bare hands and wears a bowler with a razor-blade rim.

Onatopp (full name: Xenia Onatopp; played by Famke Jansen in GoldenEye): Psychopathic Janus Syndicate assassin who likes to crush victims with her thighs.

Pussy Galore (played by Honor Blackman in Goldfinger): Pilot and leader of Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus, a group that assists Goldfinger’s “Operation Grand Slam.”

Q (played by different actors): Head of the special weapons and gadgets division at MI6.

Rider (full name: Honey Rider; played by Ursula Andress in Dr. No): Woman Bond teams-up with on Crab Key — the island of Dr. No.

Scaramanga (Francisco Scaramanga; played by Christopher Lee in The Man with the Golden Gun): Expert marksman and assassin who charges $1 million a hit.

Severine (played by Bérénice Lim Marlohe in Skyfall): Brief Bond love interest who is killed by Raoul Silva.

Sharkey (played by Frank McRae in Licence to Kill): Helps Bond mess with a drug dealer’s supply line.

Skyfall (Skyfall): Name of James Bond’s childhood residence where he was living when his parents were killed, leaving him an orphan; same title as the Oscar-winning title song by Adele.

Solitare (played by Jane Seymour in Live and Let Die): Bond love interest who can tell the future as long as she remains a virgin; long story short: she loses her power.

Stamper (played by Gotz Otto in Tomorrow Never Dies): Stereotypical East German steroid-infused henchman whose boss wanted to start a war between China and Great Britain.

Thunderball (full name: Operation: Thunderball in Thunderball): Codename of the MI6 operation to retrieve nuclear warheads stolen by SPECTRE from a NATO airbase.

Tiger (full name: Tiger Tanaka; played by Tetsuro Tanba in You Only Live Twice): Leader of Japan’s secret service; helps Bond thwart Blofeld and stop a nuclear war.

Vesper (full name: Vesper Lynd; played by Eva Green in Casino Royale): British Treasury agent and Bond love interest; blackmailed into stealing gambling winnings from 007 and dies as a result.

XXX (or Triple-X) (full name: Major Anya Amasova; played by Barbara Bach in The Spy Who Loved Me): KGB agent and Bond’s love interest; joins forces with 007 to defeat Stromberg.

Zorin (full name: Max Zornin; played by Christopher Walken in A View to a Kill): Bond nemesis who plans to flood Silicon Valley and corner the world’s microchip market.


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