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Pet Insurance And Reimubursement

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I have pet health insurance. When I filed a claim it took nearly two months for the company to reimburse me.  Pet insurance requires that you pay your vet up front and then you’re reimbursed after filing a claim. But I need those funds now. Does all pet insurance take this long to reimburse you?


That is regrettable and not normal. Most companies reimburse much faster since they know their policyholders are paying out-of-pocket. If the claim was incomplete or they required the pet’s medical history then it can take longer, but this is not the norm. Most companies allow you to fax or email your claim. This greatly expedites the process by eliminating mail time and is a good method to document they received your claim.

At Pets Best Insurance we email you when we receive your claim as well as when your claim is adjusted. We also provide pet owners the ability to have their claim reimbursement directly deposited into their bank account. In many instances, policyholders receive their reimbursement back from us before their credit card bill even arrives or before it posts to their account! Since you are paying up-front for your pets’ medical bills, expect and demand a quick turnaround on your claims. Visit www.petsbest.com for more information.


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