Mission Hills, CA - April 27: Cats are observed for behavior in the "working cat" area at the Best Friends Animal Society shelter on Thursday, April 27, 2017 in Mission Hills, CA. Among the services offered, volunteers here feed neonatal (unweaned) kittens - which are typically euthanized immediately around the clock.
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Adopt A Shelter Cat Month: Best Friends Animal Society’s Tips For Finding The Perfect Cat

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. It’s a time for us to get the word out about cat adoption and to talk about why it’s so important.

Animal shelters across the country are well over capacity with all the pets in their care. It’s an especially difficult time because we’re on the tail end of kitten season, which happens in spring as many mama cats give birth to kittens.

Samantha Bell, cat content strategist and expert for Best Friends Animal Society, says, “By adopting a cat, you’re not only saving that particular cat, you also make space for the next cat coming into a shelter.”

Bell adds that adoption is cost effective, as the cat you bring home will likely be fixed, microchipped, and vaccinated.

So if you decide to adopt, how do you know which cat is right for you? Well, Best Friends Animal Society has a few tips to help in honor of Adopt A Shelter Cat Month!

Tips For Finding The Perfect Cat For You

Photo taken in Edmonton, Canada
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Our friends at Best Friends Animal Society know that there’s a cat out there to fit any type of person, family, and lifestyle. Here’s some of their advice:

  • For busy people: Think you’re too busy to keep a cat company all day? That’s okay. Many shelters have pairs of bonded, adult cats who can stay with each other while you’re away.
  • If you’re home all day: Great! You’ll have plenty of time to play with your kitty, and maybe you can consider a cat with more energy. Some cats can even be trained to walk with you outside on a leash!
  • Just want one pet: If you don’t have the resources to take on multiple pets, that’s fine. There are plenty of cats who prefer to go solo and don’t care much for the company of other animals. Get some interactive toys to keep them busy!
  • Have a family: If you’ve got kids or multiple people in your home, bring them all to the shelter to meet the kitties. Find one that will get along with the whole family with everyone’s input.
  • Keep an open mind: Maybe you want a boy cat, or a girl cat, or a certain breed or color of cat. But at the shelter, you can meet all sorts of felines, and some might surprise you! This will give you the best odds of finding a perfect companion.
  • Consider an older feline: Kittens are cute, but you might not realize how much work they can be. By adopting an adult or senior cat, you’ll know what you’re getting. However, if you want to adopt a kitten, you may wish to bring home two. That way, they can play and grow together.

Check out a local shelter or rescue near you, or you can take a look at CatTime’s adoption page that lets you search for adoptable cats by zip code!

How did you find the perfect cat for you? Are you planning to adopt during Adopt A Shelter Cat Month in June? Let us know in the comments below!


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