Cats sunglasses in summer
(Picture Credit: MamiGibbs/Getty Images)

Cat Facts: 5 Amazing Ways Your Cat Stays Cool In The Summer

While the rest of us humans are dripping sweat and standing in front of window air conditioner units to stave off the summer heat, cats seem to have cool heads about it all.

Cats may not pant like dogs or sweat like humans, but they do have some pretty interesting and clever ways of staying cool.

Here are a few of the fascinating ways your cat beats the summer heat!

Sometimes They Need Help Staying Cool, Though

(Picture Credit: MamiGibbs/Getty Images)

While your cat has a lot of innate abilities to keep their body temperature regulated during the hot season, sometimes cats need additional help.

Cats with black coats, longhaired breeds, or cats who are brachycephalic (short muzzled) are more prone to heat related injury or illness than other cats.

Be sure to always have clean water readily available for your cat and a cool and comfortable spot for them to rest.

Have you noticed your cat doing any of these things when the weather gets hot? How else does your cat stay cool in the summer? Let us know in the comments below!


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